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Pukapuka – Kaupae 1

$62.00 + GST

Set of 6 books.
These decodable texts help ākonga to discover the of pānui. They are able to use their decoding skills to pānui all kupu in this pukapuka.
Before reading these pukapuka ākonga have learnt 11 oro (sounds) and pū/reta (letters). These are m, a, ā, p, t, e, ē, h, o, ō, k. They also contain the kupu mahara – kei and tēnei.
Kaupae 1 pukapuka introduces the characters Ata, Tame, Kopa, Māmā and Pāpā.
Book 1 – Ata, Kopa, Tame
Book 2 – Kei te aha?
Book 3 – Tame
Book 4 – Ko Ata, Ko Tame
Book 5 – Peke, peke, peke
Book 6 – Te Omaoma

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